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(Maddie, 18. This is a Ciel based blog. I do not currently rp, so please do not ask. Feel free to listen to my updated playlist!)
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I wish the quality was a little better but here is Ciel and Sebastian in mid 1800’s military uniforms (aka my weakness).Please enjoy~

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{Edit: I went back and just attached the colored to this one as well.}

{lovely….my photoshop just jammed up…guess i will have to redo all my stuff.}

  with sharp teeth and red eyes
         watching you from where he hides

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mun needs a tad bit of help

{It’s getting there. I ended up pausing on the one I was working on before because I came up with a different idea. What do you guys think so far? I want to add more stuff like some fog or something…but I feel it needs to be darker….what do you think?}

{I’m drawing a Ciel piece inspired by another artist’s piece and the Book of Circus’ ending. I want to spend a long time on this to impress you guys. I’ll post it asap!}


Kuroshitsuji Chapter 41

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Aoki Tsuki Michite 「蒼き月満ちて」 -Full Ver.- by AKARI

Kuroshitsuji ~Book of Circus~ Ending theme

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